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Turning a House into a Home


Settling in a new place can be daunting with the reality of living in a different environment. One of the ways to combat the uneasiness is by taking steps to turn the house into a home. Through this process, the home becomes warm and inviting and a great place to walk in at the end of the day. Here are some key steps to making it happen.


Spruce up the entrance. The entryway of the home starts outside the front door. As you approach the front door, what do you see? Does the front door need a good wipe down? Does the porch need to be swept? Take care of those items and then hang a wreath or other decorative item on the front door. This immediately gives personalization to the space.

Create an inviting entryway. Upon opening the front door, scan the entryway to check for clutter. If any is visible, put the items away before moving to the next step. Then, scan the space to check for lighting. If the area is dim, consider bringing a lamp into the space or changing the bulbs in the entryway to a brighter white. Add a rug and hang artwork on the walls to bring an inviting feel to the space.

Hang artwork you enjoy on the walls. If the walls in your home are empty, add some personalization to the space by hanging artwork you enjoy or fun family pictures. This will add warmth and create a more inviting space.

Use area rugs on bare floors. As you walk through the house, look for bare floors in the bedrooms or the sitting areas. By adding area rugs with various colors, patterns, or textures the space will warm up to a cozier feel.


Add lighting to dim rooms. If there are rooms in the house with little to no natural lighting, consider placing lamps in the room to brighten up the space. By creating additional lighting, spaces tend to open and become cheerier.

Display pictures of family and friends. One of the best ways to transition a house into a home is by surrounding yourself with pictures of loved ones. Add small pictures to a side table, large, framed pictures to a gallery wall or display a photo album on a coffee table.

Host a dinner party. Invite friends and family to a dinner party and begin making memories in your new space. Enjoy showing others around your home and get their thoughts on what truly makes a house feel like a home.

As you work through the list of these key items, the space in your house will quickly transform into a unique and personal environment. It will be one that you have created by turning your house into a treasured home.

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